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Eduonix Premium Course For Free – No Card Details Required

You guys may be aware of the Eduonix online learning platform. Eduonix courses have more than 1 million learners. It ranks no 4th when it comes to the eLearning platform.Do you guys know Eduonix has come up with the Subscription plan Infiniti? where you can get all premium Eduonix courses for free. Lets check it out.

Infinit Subscription Plan

Infiniti is a subscription plan by Eduonix where you can access all Eduonix 2000+ courses with a small subscription fee. Now you guys don’t have to buy the course every time.

Following are the Eduonix Infiniti Subscription Plan:
  1. Monthly Subscription Plan – $8/month
  2. Yearly Subscription Plan – $72/year
  3. Forever Plan – $499

Eduonix Infiniti Online Review

I have tried Infiniti by myself. If you ask my review, its good. I am learning artificial intelligence and graphic designing from the Infiniti platform and planning to learn the German language.Now you will be like, Hey! how we can trust you if we pay money and dint like the course?

Eduonix Infiniti Course For Free

Course library of Eduonix infinit consists of all kind of courses that can help you in professional and personal life.They have courses on technology like data science, artificial intelligence, machine learning, python, SQL and other software courses.

Also, there are a large variety of marketing and management courses like sales, digital marketing, strategy, leadership.MS excel etc.Not only this, they have courses on the basis of your hobbies like photography, gardening, DIY, art and craft etc.

The Benefit Of Eduonix Infiniti

  1. You will get all trending courses that can help you in your career growth.
  2. Value for money, you never have to buy the high-value course again.
  3. As per the new technology, the course keeps on getting updated. You now don’t have to learn the old tactics.
  4. Infiniti AI system will give you personal recordation as per your interest in the course.
  5. You get the planner where you can prepare for your course journey.
  6. Get complete course with Infiniti.
  7. Solve your doubts with the experts.
  8. Learn whenever you want and wherever you want.

Best Online Tutors

The courses you get are best in the industry. If you go and check the course library, you will find the courses by the best tutors in the industry,which have a rating above 4 out of 5.

I have checked some of the courses and have found their teaching style smooth and easy to understand. Because they have chosen the best tutors so you will find tutors from around the world .In that situation, some of you may find pronunciation difficult. But yes, subtitles have played their role perfectly.

Eduonix Offer 2021

Don’t Worry, and I will give you a link to get Infiniti 1 month subscription for free and you will get all premium courses of eduonix for free. And also, you don’t have to put in any bank card detail to avail it. It isn’t so cool !! Typically you don’t find a learning website is giving such kind of offer. Other online learning websites give you free course subscription, but they give you an introductory course for free and not the premium advanced course.

But Eduonix gives you all premium courses for free without asking you to insert any bank card details and without any limitation to any course. You get unlimited access to all premium courses without any restriction.

Yes, there is a catch, you can watch and learn any course on the platform, but you won’t be able to get the certification for that you need to take their paid plan. And i don’t think that is a big amount. There 1 month subscription starts at $8.

Here the Cheat code If you want to save a lot of money.

Make sure in the first month you finish 3 courses. 

2. Then take 1 month paid plan for $8

3. Apply for those 3-course certificates

4. Finish 3 more courses in that month itself 

5. Again, apply for certification for the other 3 courses.

Now you got 6 certifications at $8 that is aprrox $1 each, now that’s a penny. I have taken a minimum 6 course for you, and my friend has taken around 14 certificates by doing the same thing in span of 12 months. Thanks to me later.

Get All Premium Eduonix Course Free Without Card

This is a lifetime opportunity, avail the offer before it gets expired. Click the below button to grab the offer.

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