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Grow Your Business With Digital Marketing In 2021?

If you are a business owner and you are confused about, how to grow your business in this pandemic? Then I believe your answer is in this article. You may be thinking, sales are going down, how my business will survive during COVID 19 and after COVID 19

“It’s not the time to think, it’s time to adapt and take action “

If you would have done some research online and offline, you will notice everyone will suggest you take your business online or do digital marketing. They are talking about, the benefit of being on Google, Facebook and are giving you some mouth-watering statistics. But the question remains the same, can digital marketing grow my business?

Digital Marketing Can Grow Your Business

Here we will try to understand things that actually work in the practical world. Questions on digital marketing can be the following:

1. Digital marketing can help business owners during COVID 19?

The answer is yes, digital marketing is for business owners. It will helps business owners which can be retailer, wholesaler, manufacturer, or service provider. Only digital marketing will not be able to give you success, it’s the combination of digitalization and internet marketing which will make your business successful.

2. How digital marketing can help your business grow?

So let’s talk practically from the business point of view.

Every business has 3 processes or departments

Here we will only talk about Marketing and Sales. We will cover Production and Logistics in another blog.

So how you do the sales?

You go to the customers/ clients or they come to you.

In one case, the customer comes to your shop or office and you show them the products. You pitch good things about the product, you try to generate trust in the customer’s mind, you try to relate the product with the customer’s needs and bang you sell the product. Vice versa your sales representative goes to the customer’s place and pitch the product.

Now the biggest problem in coronavirus lockdown, you won’t be able to go to the customer or customer won’t be able to come to your office or shop. So now, how will you show them your product ? or how you will impress them with your first sales pitch? or how you will generate trust among the customers?

Digital Marketing is the solution to grow your business in 2021

Business owners need to do the following to survive and grow their business

1.Website is your new office address

First, you need to replace your office or shop with the website

You must have a website, I must say not a website but an interactive website. You need to change your address from offline to online. This is the place where your customer will meet your product the first time, so make sure they are impressed. Most of you may have a website for the namesake. In coronavirus situations, you are left with only one shop/office and that’s your website. Make sure it’s interactive and user friendly. So now you have the place where customers can come and see your product or service.

 One situation has been solved. The website is your new office address. Where the customer can come and see your product, know about you and your company.

2.Creating Brand Awareness and Generating Leads

Some of you may be using traditional medium (offline) , Some of you may be using the combination of both internet and offline medium for promotion and lead generation.

But as per the current situation, you need to focus 100% on digital marketing, for promoting your products or services and generating leads. Because at least for a year people need to maintain social distancing, that means your customer will spend a lot of time at home consuming the internet.

You have to make sure, the website reaches the target customers through digital marketing. So there are different types of digital marketing, how you can grow your business.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO will improve your website visibility on Google search, which directly results in more organic leads

Social Media Optimization

SMO will expand your brand visibility on different social media platforms which will directly result in online queries.

Online Ads – Google and Social media ads

This is the shortcut, through which you can reach your target customer fast and in the most effective way. Whether your customer is in a particular village, town, city, state, or country. With just one click, you can advertise your brand and product to them. By learning online ads you can run Google ads, Facebook ads, Instagram ads, Tiktok ads, and others

Your question will be, Can I run an online advertisement by myself or I need an expert? Learning digital advertisement is not difficult at all ..If you can do 2 + 2 you can easily learn “ how to run online ads “

3.Build a relationship with client and customers

Because of lockdown and social distancing norms you won’t be able to reach as many as people you used to meet before coronavirus. Fewer meetings mean less business. So how should I build, maintain, and grow relationships with customers and clients? Your answer is below

4.Online Meetings and Webinar

Yes, now people are doing meetings with the clients and teams, through online meeting websites like Zoom, Skype, and others. Don’t worry! Setting up these meetings is very easy, if you are reading this article that means you will able to conduct online meetings. Not only you can see and talk to each other in an online meeting, but you can also share any type of document and computer screen with them. You can connect with as many as n number of people at one point, you can also keep an online product exhibition for your customers through webinars.

People have started adopting the new meeting format; yes it doesn’t have that personal touch. But it will work right if you follow the right ecosystem.

Whether it may be your clients, vendors, or team – you need to start meeting them online. It saves time and your operational cost.

So now with online meetings and webinars, your face to face meeting problem has been solved. You need to master this art, as this is the future

Now your question will be how to have an online meeting, is it easy to learn?

Yes, it’s very easy to learn this online meeting software. Almost every website gives you free packages. So first try it for free and then only buy it. For small businesses, free packages are more than enough for meetings and webinars.

I know you have one last question.

How much time it takes to learn digital marketing?

If you want to learn complete digital marketing it may take 200 to 300 hours ie 2 to 3 months

If you want to learn internet marketing part wise such as social media marketing, affiliate marketing, SEO then it may take 30 to 50 hours ie approx 1 to 2 weeks.

My conclusion: Digital marketing will grow your business in 2021, adopt it fast.

Follow these 3 steps for grow successful business through digital marketing:

1st – Create interactive website

2nd – Promote your business website on digital platforms

3rd – Start doing online business meetings and webinar to connect with customers and clients

4th – Start exploring video marketing

In this marketing blog, you will find all your answers on how to run your business successfully. Hope I have answer your question – How to grow business online ?

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