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Video marketing case study – that helped travel company to gain more customers

This digital video marketing case study can help MBA students and business owners. The case study is focused on the travel business, but the given video marketing strategy is recommended for any type of business.

Video marketing case study, based on United Airlines youtube strategy

Travel Business Case Study On Youtube Video Marketing

An American worker gets 10 days of vacation in a year at one stretch.So Americans plan their vacation very carefully by doing a lot of online research before finalizing their travel plans. 

United Airlines saw the exact consumer behaviour on its website. So the marketing team saw an opportunity and started finding ways to inspire these undecided browsing customers to book the tickets. Then they came up with the strategy of using video marketing to encourage travellers to take action. Till now, the company was using video marketing as a tool for brand building.

So how they did it, and what were the 3 important lessons they learned from it.

Video marketing travel campaign – that make people take action

United Airlines have only one big marketing goal that they want to inspire people to travel.United Airlines’ strategy for travelers was simple, inspire customers by creating personalized and engaging content to drive more conversion.

They created 15 seconds videos of people at breathtaking landmarks – untouched beaches, mighty mountains, magical waterfalls, and other incredible places based on travel business marketing strategy. The video ends with rewinding to the first step, i.e., Book a Flight.

United used a strong call to action button that redirects the users to the United website. The great destination visual on the website inspires the customers to take action, i.e., booking the air ticket.

This strategy is applied by one of the best air travel company was entirely successful. In just one month, 52% conversion comes from the YouTube ads directly. It shows the effectiveness of video marketing on youtube. 

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Three lessons that companies or individuals can learn from this video marketing strategy case study

Any travel company can prepare a great strategy from these 3 lessons, and here they are:

1. Understand your audience and focus on reaching out to them

Here United Airlines focuses on undecided customers and inspires them to book the ticket for vacation.

You need to understand what type of keywords your audience is typing on google search while searching for travel destination and mode of travel, from this you will be able to understand what your customer is actually looking for and what are their current needs. With this customer behaviour data, you can inspire your customers to book tickets or travel packages. But to work on this practically, you need to learn basic of digital marketing. We provide a crash course on digital marketing, you can contact us for that.

2.Inspire your audience to take action

Videos are not just for brand awareness; with video, you can inspire the audience to a great extent where they love to buy your product. It would help if you built the proper marketing funnel for your customer journey, which leads to the final sales. That’s what United Airlines did.

When you do your video marketing campaign, You must work on – what type of content you want to show to your audience. But this doesn’t end here. You must be clear on what action you want your viewers to take.

3.Don’t be afraid to test a new marketing strategy

United Airlines has used retargeting strategy many times, but it was the first time they have used a video remarketing strategy. They were testing this video strategy for the first time, and it worked for them.

So the lesson to learn is never to be afraid of testing new platforms or strategies to market your product. Marketing is all about testing. Without testing, you will never be able to explore the hidden opportunity.

I can assure you if you plan and execute your video marketing strategy effectively. It will give you immense growth.

Case Study Conclusion

Conclusion from this video marketing case study is that, all the travel businesses which has been hit hard by the lockdown must focus on this strategy. It will work for you, but you must plan it properly. 

Hope you like this digital marketing case study. We create such kinds of case studies for MBA students or business professionals with examples, so that our readers get a good insight of the particular business which can help them in their growth

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