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What Is Online Branding? Learn With Examples

Online branding is the process that creates the image of any brand or individual on the internet using websites, Google, Facebook, Instagram, or blog posts, and various other marketing channels on the internet. This helps create the brand’s identity in the mind of online users who can be their prospective customers. Through branding, customers can differentiate the brand from its competitors based on superiority or uniqueness.

Whether you sell products on the internet or not, online branding is very important. If you are not doing it, then you won’t be able to achieve the revenue objectives. Even if you are a small business owner, you can beat any big competitor with the right online branding because online branding doesn’t cost you as much as offline branding, but it has a major impact on the customer’s mind. It helps in boosting the number of leads, conversions, and sales. I think this is enough for you to understand how internet branding is important for businesses.

What Is Online or Internet Branding ?

Online branding is described as an effective marketing technique that utilizes the internet as a platform to position the brand in its target market. It is also known as internet branding.To understand how we do online branding, you need to understand what branding is? with examples.

Through branding, we position the brand in the mind of customers in such a way that they can differentiate our brand from our competitors. For example, when I say iphone, what comes to mind is quality, data security, and superior photo and video quality. This is the result of Iphone branding – this is how you differentiate an Iphone from another phone, and Iphone target customers don’t mind paying a heavy amount for that.

Nowadays, an average online user spends 3 hours on the internet, and this is how marketers get enough time and space to position the brand in the mind of the target customers. Online user time spent is only the factor because internet branding has become very important for companies.Before going further, you must understand brand identity because branding or online branding revolves around it.

What is Brand Identity with examples.

What is brand identity?

Brand identity is how customers perceive your brand. In simple words, what comes into the mind of the customer when they hear the brand name. Let’s take few examples of the mobile phone brands.

Iphone – Best quality, Luxury, and data security

MI– Good Quality Phones under $400, Value for money 

One Plus – Good Quality phones under the budget of $550 to $800, Good camera quality.

Above are the 3 phones which are doing very well in their price segment. The 1st factor is quality, but at the same time, they can create a powerful brand identity.

If you have a budget of $1000+ for a mobile phone and you ask for a recommendation from your friends. Maximum people will recommend you an Iphone even if they are not using it.The same scenario is with MI and One plus. This is the power of branding. It becomes very easy for customers to make the buying decision when a company does the right branding.

When I ask you, please recommend to me a country with a lot of good beaches, but at the same time, I don’t want to spend a lot of money. I am sure most of you will recommend Thailand to me. That’s how branding works.

Branding and internet branding are almost the same, and only the communication platforms are different. So let’s try to understand what are the key factors of online branding.

Key Factors of Online Branding

  1. Customer: The branding of the internet begins with the user. Your customer’s preferences, age, gender, accessibility, etc., are vital in the development of a strong strategy for branding online.
  2. Brand Identity: Branding is connected to the type of brand identity that a company can establish. In this regard, different visual elements of branding, such as logos, colors, taglines, etc., are crucial in communicating the brand’s voice with the intended audience. 
  3. Competitors: Analyzing the competition is vital to creating an efficient branding strategy online. It provides information on the appropriate strategies, channels, and methods and provides suggestions for how to distinguish yourself from other brands.
  4. Online Brand Communication: How a company communicates with its customers is crucial for branding online. Messaging should be in line with the brand’s goals, product service, and the value of customers.
  5. Placement: Determining which location your business is located, analyzing where people reside, the types of languages they use particular to the location, and other details are the main factors in marketing campaigns to promote branding.
  6. People: How employees or the people who work for a brand comprehend and fulfill the brand’s promises is essential to ensure the brand’s success. Thus, brands should be in the process of educating on, training, monitoring, and attracting the best people within the company.
  7. Products or Services – The type of service or product the brand provides is important to the efficiency of its marketing campaigns. A service or product that can add worth to customers is crucial to optimizing the brand’s image on the internet.

How To Do Online Branding?

Before branding online, you must finalize your brand identity – how you want customers to perceive your brand. Once you are done with this, you need to make sure all kinds of communication, whether design, text, audio, or video, which goes out into the market and is accessible to the customer, should reflect the brand identity.

Elements For Internet Online

  1. Blogs: These are some of the best online sources of reaching out to your target customers. Through blogs, you can provide enough information about the product, service, company values, etc., impacting the customer’s mind.Blogs is an important resource for branding online.
  1. Video: Nowadays, online users consume most of the content through video, making video format an important element for branding. It has an audio and visual impact that makes a long-lasting brand impression in the audience’s mind. That is why you will see many brands’ video content on youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, and other social media platforms.
  1. Online Pr: It is very important to get published on big news websites for all the right reasons because content creates a long-lasting, trustworthy impression in the target audience.
  1. Reviews: Make sure you have good reviews on online platforms.Because if you don’t have, you will lose a lot of potential customers. I see a lot of companies hiring big ORM companies to manage their online reputation. But it’s just covering a deep wound with a bandage. Instead of spending a heavy amount on managing the ORM, start focusing on the product and service quality. That will help any company in the long run.

You don’t need Internet branding

I have given you few examples of branding online but believe me; you don’t need online branding only in the given situation. Where your product quality is very good, your product solves the customer problem you have promised, and you have excellent customer service.

When your customer is satisfied with the product, then no one can remove that good experience from the customer’s mind, and this experience gets shared in the market with word of mouth, resulting in more sales.

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